Our Homecoming Girls

abbyh2 abbyh

Abby…Homecoming 2017





Bethany j BethanybethThank you again so much for being able to snag this dress for me.  It was stunning and I couldn’t have been happier with the way everything turned out!…Bethany’s Homecoming…Richland 2017






Marissa P…United Homecoming 2017




HC2016“We purchased my daughter’s homecoming dress from you and she got many compliments on it.  We were telling everyone about your store.  Thank you”…Kim H.




“Ella Hudson would like to say thank you for helping her select the perfect dress for her homecoming dance.  We loved our shopping experience and selection you have at Modern Elegance.  Thank You!”…Jana H.HC2016a HC2016





abbyhc2 Abbyhc2016 Homecoming…Abby Spiker





HC2016-2a HC2016-2“Homecoming went off perfectly!!  The dress and earrings were beautiful!!!!  Thank you sooo much!…Talia’s 2016 Homecoming





HC2016-3Homecoming2016…Abby P.





Homecoming 2016…Madison H.HC2016-1b HC2016-1aHC2016-1





abby1 abby2


                                                                 Abby S…Homecoming 2015





HC2013 hc2013a


Homecoming 2013…Keeley






Talya S…Hempfield Homecomingshomecomingtalya1







Jess R…Hempfield Homecoming